18 Surprising Tips of clipping path for beginner

18 Surprising Tips of clipping path for beginner   by Md.Rashedul Islam

We want to multiple the objects in your graphic over another way colored backdrop when we mix graphic tools for excellent graphics Design. But when we bring the graphic into the layout, the background behind the photo spoils the backdrop. Unnecessary photo background removes by Photoshop clipping path. Our Graphic Designer’s each and every image carefully done, keeping the customer satisfactions in mind within given their time frame.

For the beginners some techniques of clipping path stated briefly

  • First to know, where my image location
  • Open the image from image location
  • Press the "F" key on keyboard to place your file for display in full-screen mode
  • Attach the document window with a neutral gray
  • Then press the "Z" key on your keyboard for “Zoom” tool and set this to 200% for better outlook.
  • From the window menu select the "Paths” and take "New Path" from "Paths" panel
  • Press the "P" key on your keyboard or manually you select the pen tool from the toolbox.
  • From a convenient starting point, your clipping path drawing start
  • Then draw a pixel inside the edges of your graphic so that the path will remove all the backdrop color from your image file.
  • Then needed straight line. To draw it, press once to start the line and to draw a curve, press and drag the piercing cursor.
  • Draw continuing the photo object until your reach to the starting point
  • For closing the path place your cursor over the first control point and click.
  • Now go to press the "A" key on your keyboard for the “Direct Selection tool”.
  • Check your path for unsmooth spots
  • Then click on a Control Point plus "Direct Selection" tool and move to adjust its control handles to structure the path at that spot.
  • After removing the spot, save your path or press control with save
  • Select a path name.
  • After completion save your document in TIFF format

It takes lotsadditionaltalent and experienceto attainthe specified result. For skilled purpose it'sbetter to get the task done by a famous and reliable outsourcing agency. Several offshore outsourcing corporations doing this business from South East Asia. Because ofcomparativelylow cost service than the other countries and Bangladesh is that countries which leading position for outsourcing business.

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